​Township of Deerfield, WI

Township of Deerfield, WI

Driveway Guidelines

Type of Access Driveway               Number of Access Driveways                     Width Max./Min.

Commercial and Industrial
  Land Uses                                                                  2                                                       50 / 24 feet

Residential Land Uses                                                 1                                                       35 / 16 feet

 Agricultural Land Uses
  On Class A and B
  Highways                                                           1 per parcel                                              50 / 24 feet


Agricultural Land Uses
  On Class C Highways                                No maximum number                                    50 / 24 feet

Conversion of an access point from one type of use to another shall be treated the same as opening a new access point and must meet the conditions of these 4 regulations.

Design Standards:  Driveways to Class A and Class B highways must comply with the design provisions of the access permit issued by the Wisconsin Department of Transportation or the County Highway Department.  Driveways to Class C highways must comply with inspection and culvert requirements of the Town of Deerfield, provided they meet the following minimum standards:

Culverts, if needed, must be a minimum of 15 inches.
Driveway height must not exceed the level of the outside edge of the road shoulder.
No end or retaining walls shall be permitted on driveways.
The side slopes of the driveway shall equal or be flatter than the side slope of the main highway but should not be steeper than 2 ½ to 1, unless otherwise designated on an individual basis.
Concrete shall not be used for driveway surface material with in the right of way of all State and County Highway and Township roads.


 I have read, understand and hereby to abide by the following provisions of this permit:

1.  Any grading, special ditching, alteration of slopes, or any other disturbances of any portion of the highway right-of-way shall be restored by and at the expense of the applicant, to the condition existing prior to such disturbance and to the satisfaction of the Town of Deerfield board.  If the restoration work or any damage caused to the highway right-of-way cannot, or will not, be accomplished voluntarily, the Town of Deerfield my complete the required work at the applicant’s expense.

2. The entire cost of the driveway construction or installation shall be the obligation of the applicant.

3. Culverts, if needed, shall be a minimum of 15” by 24’ and to be approved by the Town Board.

4. Driveway height shall not exceed the level of the road shoulder to the ditch line.

5. The side slope of the driveway shall be equal to, or flatter that, slide slope of the main highway, but shall not be steeper than 2 ½ to 1, unless otherwise designated on an individual basis.

6. No rigid vertical end wall shall be permitted.

7. Driveway spacing distances, as defined in the Driveway Ordinance, Town of Deerfield, 05-5 shall be complied with by the applicant.

8. The applicant shall keep the driveway culvert free of debris and other obstructions in order to provide proper drainage along the highway.

9. Maintenance and upkeep of the driveway shall be the responsibility of the applicant.
10. The applicant, his successors, or assigns, agree to hold harmless the Town of Deerfield and their duly appointed supervisors, agents, and employees, agents and actions for personal injury or property damage sustained by reasons of the issuance or exercise of this permit.


INSPECTION******************************FOR OFFICE USE ONLY********************************* 

APPROVED                                                            DENIED                                                            


Culvert Needed:  Yes              No                   Modified (explain)___________________________


Culvert Size_______________________      _________________________________________




Permit Fee $50.00 (Non-refundable)

Application for Permit To Make Excavation or Fill of To Install Culvert

Inasmuch as Chapter 86.07(2) of the Statutes states that “No person shall make any excavation or fill or install any culvert…in any highway…without a permit therefore from the highway authority maintaining the highway…”

The undersigned request:

A permit for the purpose of_____________________________________________________________

On Township Road__________________________located ____________miles (north-south-east-west)   

 of_____________________________junction with____________________in the Town of Deerfield in

 Section_______, Town______________in Waushara County.

 Approximate starting date____________________     Approximate completion date_________________


 A representative of the Deerfield Town Board in company with the applicant will make an investigation and field inspection.

 *****************TO BE COMPLETED BY TOWN BOARD REPRESENTATIVE***************************

 Type of driveway  NCR   NCU   CR  CU          Add’l driveway:________If so explain why_________________________________


 Number of driveways__________     Proposed land use________________________________________________________________

Side of the road_________Quadrant________

 No culvert, state why_________________________________________________________________

 Date checked_____________By_________________________________________________________

Additional Clauses______________________________________________________________________________________________

 Signed:  Town Representative_____________________________________________________________________________________

(All fences, trees, shrubs and/or fixtures MUST be off Highway right of way)

Applicant/owner (sign)_____________________________________________________________Date___________________

Print name clearly___________________________________________________________________________________________

Telephone number_________________________________________________________________

 Mail this application to:  Town of Deerfield, N3885 7th Drive, Hancock, WI 54943